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Raw power for Thanksgiving

By Katie Kieffer

Mayflower at Dawn by Mike Haywood: Art used with permission.

I’d like my turkey well-done and my government raw this Thanksgiving.

Many Americans scrupulously maintain their health. They’re “up in the gym, working on their fitness,” while their government is a bloated gourmand. Amazingly, a few of the same Starbucks Skinny Latte-loving, granola-popping, treadmill-trotting Americans cheer Uncle Sam: “Eat more, government! Indulge! You can have whatever you want, cute little Gov!” Continue reading

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Steroids lure on Capitol Hill

By Katie Kieffer

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Pump. Pump. Pump. Don’t you love that sound? It’s the sound of your heart beating. It’s the sound of your bouncy fitness instructor cheering your class to: “Pump, pump, pump it up!” But, it sounds best if you’re in Washington, D.C. – at the Department of the Treasury – watching freshly baked dollars get pumped into our economy.

Inflation is a term that’s tossed around rather casually lately. My assessment is that many Americans have become resigned to the notion that inflation is the ultimate destiny for our currency. Billboards, T.V. and radio ads for gold abound: Inflation is coming! You better defend yourself! Continue reading

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Capitalism is the new cool

By Katie Kieffer

In the face of politicians trying to ram unfavorable, fiscally irresponsible health care proposals through the Senate that extend government control, raise taxes and reduce liberties, Americans have started to say: “Enough is enough.” It’s true that sometimes you don’t know how great your life is until something basic that you take for granted – like freedom – is at risk of disappearing.

It is not surprising, then, that the queen of capitalism, Ayn Rand, is making a roaring comeback among American professionals of all ages. Continue reading

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The one thing they died for

By Katie Kieffer


My favorite WWII sailor passed away in January. I was fortunate enough to share supper with him the night that he died. My Grandpa, Richard, taught me some important lessons through his example of service for our country. He gave me the passion and desire to write about the qualities that make America great. Today is Veteran’s Day, so I think it would be appropriate to share the wisdom of “Pops.”

We’ve all met veterans. The most undeniably attractive quality that U.S. veterans share is their patriotism. My grandpa tried to pass this patriotism on to me. In high school, I would sit in fascination as he would tell me stories of his experiences in World War II. I was amazed by his bravery and humility. Continue reading

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Do Gen Ys tolerate taxes?

Part 4 in a series

By Katie Kieffer

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As a young professional, I’m puzzled when I hear another young businessperson make a statement that conveys the following idea:

“Stringent green practices are going to become law. We need to do what we can to make sure we are in compliance with the law before it gets here.”

Certainly climate legislation is coming down the pipeline. Yet, just because legislation is proposed and has momentum behind it doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution for national economic or climate issues. As a LEED AP, I personally believe that we should do everything we can to protect and preserve our planet. I also think that the business community needs to speak up for the interests of the economy and work with elected officials to find a fiscally responsible way to take care of the earth. Continue reading

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Paying it backward

Part 3 in a series

By Katie Kieffer

Young entrepreneurs deserve a chance to innovatively protect the environment while turning a profit.  Image credit:

Now we’re buying rights?

As I began discussing here and here, cap-and-trade would introduce the new concept of a “right” for corporations to emit limited amounts of CO2 – before man-made CO2 emissions have even been proven significantly harmful to the earth. It’s dangerous to give our politicians the ability to create new “rights” based on such preliminary science because the origination of rights should be reserved for:

Bottom line, the government does not have the power to grant U.S. citizens the “right” to emit CO2, especially when scientists just announced that CO2 may be beneficial to the environment.

Perhaps you’re willing to be taxed via cap-and-trade, pay higher prices for energy and consumer products and give the government the power to dictate your company’s CO2 emissions in exchange for its promise to protect the environment by policing CO2 emissions. Continue reading

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Sexiest Tax Award goes to…

Part 2 in a series

By Katie Kieffer

Is cap-and-trade the best solution for the economic crisis and preserving our planet?  Image credit:

If you were a politician and you wanted to ensure your political future, you’d need to be careful when you proposed increases in taxes during a recession. But, in order to pay for new or growing government programs, you typically need to raise taxes. So, as a smart politician, you’d only support tax hikes that would secure you votes and a pat on the back, not a pink slip from your constituents on Election Day.

Cap-and-trade is the sexiest new tax proposal in the Senate. Our country is in a recession, but we are also in the middle of a massive green movement. Today, more than ever before, individual Americans and American corporations are trying to do everything they can to either be or appear to be green. For some, being “green” is about doing the right thing. For many others, it’s about doing the right thing, marketing and being fiscally responsible by saving energy costs. For politicians, however, their interest in supporting green taxes cannot be separated from self-preservation and attracting votes. Continue reading

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How cap-and-trade impacts your career and planet

Part 1 in a series

By Katie Kieffer

Young professionals shouldn't let politicians decide the cap-and-trade debate. Image credit:

If you’re a young professional, you want to know, how will the current cap-and-trade bill impact you if it passes in the Senate? I’ll try to break this proposed legislation down and explain how it will impact you as a young taxpayer and a young professional so that you can decide what you think about it.

As a young person, you already know that Social Security and Medicare will likely run out in 2037 and 2017 respectively, and therefore will not be available to you. You know you need to start planning and saving now in order to have enough monetary reserves to retire in comfort and afford the additional health care you may require as you age. If you’re like me, you want to do everything you can now – while you’re young – to make sure that you will: Continue reading

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