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Dumped? Blame Washington

By Katie Kieffer

Dumped? Divorced? Blame WashingtonDoes this sound familiar? You were two peas in a pod. You wanted to grow old together. You never fought. About anything. Except money, that is. Now, the two of you are history.

Quit throwing darts at your ex’s photo. Pull up a chair in my office, and I’ll give you some therapy.

May I trade you a cup of coffee and a tension ball for those darts before we begin? Continue reading

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Should’ve said no Taylor Tax

By Katie Kieffer

Taylor Swift

Do me a favor and turn on your radio. Wait five minutes and you’ll probably hear a DJ venting about the recording industry’s push for legislation that could effectively tax the next Taylor Swift or T.I. off free local radio.

I think local radio DJs are right to question this proposed legislation, since this hefty “tax” or fee would make it difficult for new artists to emerge. It would work as a financial disincentive for radio stations to take on the risk of featuring new artists. Continue reading

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Make a ‘Big Trade Up’

By Katie Kieffer

Katie & Amie's 'Big Trade Up.' Art copyright Amie Kieffer 2010.

There is always a better and more efficient way to do things, including donating to charity. During this recession, many non-profits are hurting. Government grants and private donations are beginning to dry up. But, local creative entrepreneurs and real estate professionals, Tony DelDotto of NorthMarq Real Estate and Chad Commers of Roseville Properties, have taken on the challenge of raising funds for charity in a down economy.

The concept is called the Big Trade Up. It raises money for Mind The Future scholarships that help inner-city students graduate from high school and move on to college. I want to promote the Big Trade Up’s goal for two reasons: Continue reading

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Shred recession to gnar gnar

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: Red Bull

Wouldn’t it be fun to shred the U.S. recession into oblivion the way a skier shreds the Jackson Hole gnar gnar? It would be as exhilarating as finding a cure to cancer – on an economic level. Well, the U.S. does have a nearly fail-proof template to follow for ending the recession and creating jobs: Lindsey Vonn.

Vonn is often hyped for her amicable personality and good looks. Lost in this hype is the bigger story: the tale of sheer American grit, rugged persistence, sacrifice and goal-focus. Vonn’s story shows that America can shrug off her recession if she acts like a champion.

Many athletes at one point appeared to be all-around champions, and then disappointed, such as Tiger Woods, Mark McGwire and Marion Jones. But, Vonn is the template we’re looking for. Below is her recipe for bouncing out of recession. Let’s rip. Continue reading

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Whiffed up Olympic politics

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: The Green Blazer blog

Want to embarrass yourself on the golf course? Whiff, whiff and whiff away. Fail to make contact with the ball and you’ll tee yourself up for a tense round of ridicule from your golfing partners.

Golf may have just whiffed itself into a potentially embarrassing situation during the 2016 Olympics – by participating in the Olympics. Rio de Janeiro is not a great golf town (Chicago is, no thanks to the First Couple), and Rio de Janeiro is where golf will debut as an Olympic sport. Here’s the story of golf’s unhealthy relationship with the Olympics: Continue reading

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Liberals, ride in my Ferrari!

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: Oliver Walston /

Anti-business liberals, come jump in my Ferrari! I’ll take you for the ride of your life. Please bring your motion sickness bags. You will become nauseous during this ride.

Yes, it’s a nice car and, yes, I’m a good driver. But, when I drive, I blast one song over and over again: “Main Street Loves Wall Street.” You may be my guest, but I pick the tunes. Continue reading

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Michael the Gold Digger

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone wants to talk about love.

This weekend, my sister, Amie, and I were out at a local bar and we overheard a group of young guys discussing the covert relationship of another bar patron, Michael Moore. I was disappointed to hear that Moore was still sneaking around after he nearly publicly professed his love for capitalism at my New Year’s Eve party. I didn’t want to catch Moore’s attention by taking a photo, so Amie used her ever-present mini sketch pad to draw what we witnessed (see below). Continue reading

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