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How to make it in socialism

By Katie Kieffer

HBO's 'How to Make It In America' is a comedy-drama about two entrepreneurs who pursue the American Dream in New York City. Image credit: HBO.

How to Make it in America” only works if capitalism reigns in America. I have positive news and ideas that will help you take America back to her capitalist and Constitutional roots in the wake of socialist and unconstitutional Obamacare, which I discussed here, here and here.

Let’s all agree that there is no silver bullet to halt this Administration’s apparent obsession with creating “historic moments” and “fundamentally different courses” for America. There is no Capitalist Fairy who can sprinkle Reagan Jelly Belly beans down on liberal politicians and eliminate their hatred and shame for America.

There are real people, like you and me, who have the right to vote, free speech and assembly. If you feel like you’re alone in this battle to preserve freedom, you’re not. You have more friends than you might think. I’m going to showcase your biggest friends in this race to combat socialist takeover of American free enterprise so you can join them in making your voice heard: Continue reading

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Meet our economy’s hope

By Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer interviews young MN entrepreneurs, Charles Eide (Forever Films), Grady Newman (MyCore Industries) and Eddie Rymer (Marketplace Commercial). Videography by Forever Films. So you want to achieve the American Dream? I’ve interviewed three young entrepreneurs who are successfully building their own companies and I know you can do the same. With the help of Forever Films, I am proud to showcase my first film that will show you how and why you should be an entrepreneur, despite recession and government expansion. I guarantee you will be inspired by the entrepreneurs at Forever Films, MyCore Industries and Marketplace Commercial. To watch this video in high definition, please click the horizontal bar and allow the video to fully upload (become a solid gray bar) before you play it. Then, crank up your volume, expand the video full-screen and enjoy:

Continue reading

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Small biz gon’ run this town

By Katie Kieffer

"Spoonbridge and Cherry" by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Image: Minneapolis City Center Elite Members blog

Small business entrepreneurs, listen to me. You are the fuel of our economy. You provide jobs. Real jobs, not paper-pushing tax collector jobs or busy-body federal regulator jobs. You dream big and your dreams become job-cranking innovations, like iPhones, while your public-sector peers dream of ways to tax your profits and restrict your growth.

Last week, I partnered with Charles Eide and Michael Danielson of Forever Films to produce a film that showcases the value of entrepreneurship. Here is the introductory sizzle reel, and the full show featuring three amazing young entrepreneurs will follow shortly. Turn your volume up and expand the video full-screen for maximum impact:

Continue reading

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Protected: Why liberals hate health care reform

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Misers break ballers’ ankles

By Katie Kieffer

Ankle Injury

If you can’t buy a bucket, you have no business in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I blogged here about how the NFL is corrupting itself with perverse “equalizers” like the Rooney Rule. I wrote here and here about Congressional plans to force college football to switch from the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system to a playoff system.

Although Big East Commissioner John Marinatto is getting chatty court-side with former president Bill Clinton and ESPN did an extensive story and video stepping us through President Obama’s bracket, the NCAA doesn’t need politicians to break its players’ ankles and short-sell its fans – it’s doing it on its own. Continue reading

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Blah health care, talk law

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: Richard A. Bloom/Corbis

Blah, blah, blah. Stop talking about health care for 15 seconds. You have until at least March 18th to analyze Speaker Nancy Pelosi and streakerciser Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel bludgeon Congress to vote for Obamacare.

Let’s talk about the stories of legal manipulation and scandal that this administration is happy you aren’t paying attention to while you’re focused on jobs and health care. Continue reading

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Throwing treats to lapdogs

By Katie Kieffer

gimme my federal hamburgerIf you want to make more money than your private sector peers, get a job in PR or broadcasting for the government.

Warning: You will make more money, but you will lose all creativity, input, control and ownership over your work. Continue reading

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Westminster’s absolute tosh

By Katie Kieffer

British models. Image by Tim Walker for British Vogue.

Across the pond, the ministers of the Crown have a competition going on. A competition with the U.S. Congress. It appears that Westminster is downright determined to show Washington that it can grow government faster.

Her Majesty’s government appears to be a bit threatened by the way American politicians are acting like aristocrats. Keen on maintaining its reputation as the most proper “modern monarchy,” the British government has decided to go off its trolley in a mad attempt to expand its power over citizens. Continue reading

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Driving bankers to drink

By Katie Kieffer

drivingbankerstodrinkI predict medical professionals will see an uptick in bankers with government-induced drinking addictions. The government is driving bankers into depression. It doesn’t help that bankers have no one to vent to. The public has turned on bankers since the liberal media has painted them as greedy trolls who drove the U.S. into recession.

I want to shed some light on the ways that the government is driving a stake into our economy by attacking banks. Continue reading

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Hell in Troy

By Katie Kieffer

Helen of Troy by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1863, oil on panel

I’m sure you’ve heard of Helen of Troy from Greek Mythology. After Paris of Troy abducted Helen from her husband, Menelaus, the Greeks launched the Trojan War to win her back. Her beauty and power were undeniable. She crushed and melted the hearts of the strongest men.

In Greek Mythology, heroes were mortals who overcame the fear of death, typically during a heroic battle such as the Trojan War, to achieve “kleos” or glory. Helen of Troy is a Greek myth. “Hell in Troy” is a Greek reality. Let me tell you the tale of Hell in Troy. Continue reading

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