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Who’s Who in South Park

By Katie Kieffer

South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Image credit: Michael Yarish/Comedy Central.

If you felt like you were watching an episode of South Park instead of the signing of Obamacare into law when Vice President Biden famously pronounced, “This is a f-ing big deal,” you had good reason. The f-bomb is like oxygen for the cartoon characters in Comedy Central‘s animated sitcom that is currently ensnared in a free speech controversy.

South Park’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone keep nothing off-limits. South Park has found fans by refusing to play political games and by poking fun at grown ups who act worse than children by telling other grown ups what to do. Continue reading

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Porn buff probes Goldman

By Katie Kieffer

42610What does one Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) staffer addicted to porn say to another SEC staffer addicted to porn when he realizes 33 probes have outed their on-the-job prurience?

“Thank goodness for Goldman Sachs!”

Clearly, the aforementioned is a joke. Sadly, my joke contains a spark of truth. Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) requested an investigation into the SEC, and 33 probes found that many SEC staffers – including 17 senior-level employees making six-figure incomes – used government equipment and time to indulge their addiction to porn.

This video explains more: Continue reading

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Skol, Tebow, let’s go!

By Katie Kieffer

Tim Tebow. Image credit:

As the NFL draft draws near, football fans are paying close attention to Tim Tebow. The Heisman Trophy-winning Florida Gators quarterback is considered one of the “fastest risers” in Thursday’s NFL first-round draft.

Vikings coach Brad Childress took a look at Tebow in practice this month. If another team doesn’t fall in love with Tebow before the Vikes can nab him with the 30th pick overall, Childress could take Tebow, with these potential consequences:

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Tax Day in video & photos

By Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer speaks at Tea Party Tax Day Rally at MN State Capitol. Image copyright Katie Kieffer. All rights reserved.

Yesterday, I spoke at the Tea Party Tax Day Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol. I wanted to share the video and some photos from the Tea Party Rally with you so that you can judge for yourself what kind of event it was. While the mainstream media likes to mis-categorize Tea Partiers, a poll conducted by The New York Times/CBS News just came out revealing that they are more educated and successful than the vast majority of the population. Continue reading

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Ready, set, capitalism

By Katie Kieffer

There is a secret sauce to obtaining a high standard of living. It’s called capitalism. Capitalism allows every American the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. A free enterprise system rewards hard work and ingenuity whereas socialism creates social injustice.

My sister and business partner, Amie Kieffer, showcases the difference between a life of freedom and a life of serfdom in this cartoon:

Art by Amie Kieffer. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Continue reading

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Free enterprise on the radio

By Katie Kieffer

I will be discussing the free enterprise video I created with Charles Eide and Mike Danielson of Forever Films on The Sue Jeffers Show today, April 10th, at 5:35 p.m CDT. Please tune into 100.3 FM K-TALK and learn more about our exciting project for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Video produced by Forever Films.

PODCAST: Sue Jeffers Discusses Free Enterprise Contest With Katie Kieffer on 100.3 K-TALK

The Sue Jeffers Show KTALK

Sue Jeffers is a small business owner and former candidate for Governor of Minnesota. She is an advocate for lower taxes, private property rights, fiscal responsibility and limited government. She is smart, witty and fun to listen to. You can hear Sue Jeffers every Saturday from 4:00-7:00 p.m. CDT on 100.3 FM K-TALK in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Continue reading

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‘Close or you hit the bricks’

By Katie Kieffer

Blue Brick Road. Image credit: Fotki/Andrey Prokofiev

Who makes the economy shake in America? Who brings in the cash and creates jobs? Who laughs in the face of risk and charges forward with creativity and innovation?

The government? Of course not. The government is afraid of productive risk. In fact, Obamacare shackles innovative small business risk-takers and Washington’s hatred of profit is driving top financial talent overseas.

Last week, I shared with you an inspirational video I made with Forever Films to promote free enterprise.Today, I’ll share with you two uplifting videos by other artists. I think you will be inspired by the individualist message, passion for freedom, entrepreneurial spirit and capitalist zeal that come through in these videos: Continue reading

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I am Free Enterprise

By Katie Kieffer

Free market principles drive the U.S. economy. Image credit: Forever Films/Charles Eide & Mike Danielson.

I absolutely have a positive vision for America. I believe in the American Dream. I’m confident that with hard work, passion, talent and persistence, individuals can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

We need to start giving Adam Smith’s invisible hand a bit more deference. Free market principles will always come through for America. Even in this recession, we have hope for historical economic recovery if we come together as a nation and support a thriving free market.

Please watch this brand new video I created with my team members, Charles Eide and Mike Danielson of Forever Films, for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I hope you are inspired to follow your own entrepreneurial dreams.

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