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Arizona ama a los Hispanos

Arizona loves Hispanics

By Katie Kieffer

Arizona sunset.

When even pageant queens smothered in lip gloss and spray tanner can see the value of states’ rights and legal immigration, you know Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law is not that hard to comprehend.

Oddly enough, while girls in bikinis and tiaras seem capable of understanding the true intent of Arizona’s law, the chief law enforcement officer and lawyer of the U.S. government, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has been publicly bashing the law without having read it. The same goes for “Miss America Without Borders,” Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Continue reading

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Agency girls go wild

By Katie Kieffer

Mary Schapiro, Elizabeth Warren and Sheila Bair. Image credits: Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg News, and Stefan Zaklin/EPA/Corbis.

There are three women on Wall Street who have literally gone wild. No, they didn’t strip off their matronly suits on a GGW spring break tour bus. Rather, they are on a mission to strip Congress, small businesses and individual Americans of proper authority, rights and freedoms and replace these with their own rules and regulations for how to play the financial game on both Wall Street and Main Street.

These three women, who graced the May 24 cover of TIME Magazine and were touted as the “Sheriffs of Wall Street,” are an embarrassment to my sex. Rather than advancing equality between the sexes, their self-centered political agendas do the following: Continue reading

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Katie on Business Radio

Katie Kieffer on Peter McClellan Show - AM 1570 Twin Cities Business Radio. Image copyright Katie Kieffer 2010. All rights reserved.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Peter McClellan Show on AM 1570 Twin Cities Business Radio.

I enjoyed talking to Peter, and I think you’ll find our conversation helpful, whether you are a small business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur or a college student.


Below is the podcast of our conversation. Enjoy it as you surf the web, fish off your dock or jog around the lake:

Katie Kieffer on AM 1570 Twin Cities Business Radio – The Peter McClellan Show (MP3) Continue reading

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Touring China’s Candy Shop

By Katie Kieffer

Cotton candy in Lanzhou, Gansu province, China. Image credit: Jimi Zhang(洁米)/慕容左.

Let me take you on a tour of the candy shop called “China.”

Disclaimer: This tour is about getting your hopes up for a grand and substantial treat – like a baseball stadium full of bubble gum, a life-size model of The Great Sphinx of Giza made out of chocolate chip cookie dough, or a mile-high ice cream cake skyscraper – and instead receiving a candy cloud that instantly dissipates on your tongue.

Chinese young professionals and students walk through this “candy shop” on a daily basis. Here’s what they see: Continue reading

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Bubble wrapping the internet

By Katie Kieffer


When was the last time the government intervened in your life and you felt safer? When the current administration accepted campaign funds from BP and then exempted BP from an environmental impact analysis that might have prevented the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill? When Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) staffers scoured the web for porn and then self-righteously accused Goldman Sachs of internal corruption?

As I blogged last week, the FTC wants to control Facebook, and more broadly, the FCC wants to control the internet. The FCC wants to have overt regulatory control over the internet, purportedly so that it can “protect consumers.”

Caution: When the government tries to “Bubble Wrap®” things, it typically ends up dropping them on the floor before they get bubble wrapped. Continue reading

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Drill right now

Part 2 of 2

By Katie Kieffer

DRNDRNJobs. Low gas prices. National security. Oh, yes, and did I mention JOBS?

If America wants to ensure any or all of the above, then, in B.o.B‘s hip hop style, “America could really use a drill right now, drill right now.”

The April 20, 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill has given drilling critics a feather for their paper-mâché hats. As environmentalists clamor for a ban on new drilling and President Obama describes the recent BP oil spill as a “massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster,” we remember that the current administration has a shady record on drilling.
Continue reading

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No anesthesia drilling

Part 1

By Katie Kieffer

A sign at a London BP station is reflected in raindrops. Image credit: Luke MacGregor/Reuters

America, it’s time for you to get out the drill. Don’t worry. You won’t need a local anesthetic because this drill job will be relatively painless. This will feel new to you, so if you dislike change, take a deep breath. I believe in you.

America, I’m challenging you to take the blinders off that you’ve been wearing since at least the 1950‘s and open yourself to new ways of thinking about economic prosperity, conserving the environment, job growth, innovation, energy and development. I will guide you toward a better road than the circuitous path to recession that you’ve been plodding. Continue reading

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Clamping down on Facebook

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid,"

The SEC conveniently had Goldman Sachs to distract the public from its own internal corruption. Now, liberal politicians have embraced “privacy concerns” to reframe their power grab to “protect” Americans from social networking entrepreneurs like Facebook‘s founder, Mark Zuckerburg.

A group of four liberal Senators, including my own Sen. Al Franken, have launched an attack against Facebook’s new tools called “social plug-ins,” and its “Instant Personalization Pilot Program,” claiming that they could violate individual privacy. The FTC even wants to “weigh in” on the debate.
Continue reading

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