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Why young people are happy

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: "sunlight smile" by espresso marco on Flickr via Creative Commons.

The latest Pew Research Center poll shows that young people (ages 18 – 28) are happier now than they have been in over 30 years. Why is this? Aren’t we in the middle of a financial meltdown in America? Aren’t the costs of living going up? Aren’t young people losing their jobs? If you are down on America or down on your life, I’ll help you change your mindset to match that of today’s youth. I promise you, you’ll be happier for it.

I believe young people today are happier for two reasons: First, most Millennials want to live more like grownups and less like their parents who sometimes act like babies. And, second, they understand and are excited by the opportunities America has to rebound out of recession and back to greatness. Let me explain: Continue reading

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CPAC 2011 energizes America

By Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer speaks at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Image copyright Katie Kieffer. All rights reserved.

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to speak at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. I had a chance to share my ideas on how students and young professionals can win conservative victories, both on-campus and in business.

I met with many inspiring young people who are smart, engaged and passionate about getting involved and leading America into economic recovery. It was exciting and refreshing to meet so many young leaders. This year, CPAC broke a record for attendance with over 11,000 attendees. Here are some students I met from Georgia Tech: Continue reading

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Snatch U.S. from Davy’s Grip

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: "Pirate Country" by LizSpikol on Flickr via Creative Commons.

The U.S. economy and national security are in “Davy’s Grip.” In pirate-speak, that means the U.S. is in “fatal danger.” Somali pirates and Middle East tensions have the potential to drag the U.S. into complete depression and unrest. We can lift the U.S. out of her current precarious state, but we need to act fast. If you are concerned about the U.S. economy, energy independence, national security and international relations, then you will want to understand Davy’s Grip.

Why is the U.S. in Davy’s Grip?

There are several reasons why the U.S. is in a dangerous place, and they stem from America’s energy policies and Middle East tensions: Continue reading

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Let’s play Job Trap!

By Katie Kieffer

Image credit: "Where the real business takes place" by SVTHERLAND on Flickr via Creative Commons.

It’s game night everyone! You won’t win a fake prize like a pile of plastic tokens or a stack of paper money. In this game, you win the real deal: Jobs. So, bring your friends and get ready to go from mopey paupers to upbeat workers.

I invented the game “Job Trap” when I realized that Mouse Trap was a waste of time and that I’d have more fun accomplishing something in life than fighting my friends for cheese-shaped tokens. I thought about the biggest economic problem in the U.S. today, the high unemployment rate, and decided to create a game to fix this problem. Here’s how you play: Continue reading

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