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Remembering my heroes

By Katie Kieffer

Cemetary with American flags on Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day weekend, I want to honor the lives of two men who served our country and made a profound difference in my life: My grandfathers, Grandpa Rick and Papa Chuck. These two men touched me and countless others with their love, advice and proud patriotism. Continue reading

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Ending high gas prices

By Katie Kieffer

Gas station in California.

I’m picking out bananas at the grocery store when a young woman slides up beside me and starts adding fruit to her cart while she carries on a loud cell phone conversation with a girlfriend:

“Jess, I think I’ll stay over at your place on Wednesday night, because, with gas prices so high, I just can’t justify my commute into work. I might stay over on Thursday too, but I’ll let you know.” Her dry tone made it sound like she was making a dental appointment, not planning a girls’ night with pjs and cocktails. As she jaunted off toward the broccoli, I thought, “Wow, gas prices really are dominating our lives if adults are planning weekly sleepovers to avoid driving.” Continue reading

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Clinton* sweet-talks Hispanics

By Katie Kieffer

Former President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is the one exception to the Constitutional rule that U.S. Presidents may only serve two terms.

When President Obama went to El Paso, Texas last week and pitched his immigration reform plan to Hispanics, I felt like I was watching a movie called “Bubba’s Third Term.” The President did not sound like himself. I detected a faint Arkansas accent as he stood at the podium and outlined amnesty objectives disguised as immigration reform. Continue reading

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Five ways to outsmart China

By Katie Kieffer

Expo 2010 Shanghai China

In 1893, Americans hailed competition, individualism and entrepreneurial innovation. Chicago hosted a six-month World’s Fair to show the world “American Exceptionalism.” A Pennsylvania bridge-builder named George Ferris even invented the historic Ferris Wheel to outdo the Eiffel Tower, which Paris debuted at the 1889 Exposition Universelle.

Today, China is desperately trying to snatch America’s spot as the world leader in economic development and innovation. Last year, China invested $4.3 billion into public improvements to flaunt her progress before a historic 72 million attendees at the six-month Shanghai World Expo. Continue reading

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Justice for Poker Entrepreneurs

By Katie Kieffer

Poker hand, flush.

A young man wearing a dark gray hoodie knelt down beside me in church. I couldn’t help overhearing his prayer:

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I’m a self-made multimillionaire. I take calculated, aggressive risks with my own money. I prefer online gambling to betting around an antiquated poker table. Yes, I am socially inept, I live in sweatpants and I don’t remember the last time I dated an attractive girl. But, I do make piles of money and I can create jobs for media professionals, advertisers, web developers and bankers. Forgive my personal success, my New York penthouse and my killer sports car. Forgive my social awkwardness. If I recklessly bet away my wealth, I alone will suffer. Let me play online poker. Continue reading

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