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Innovator invests in fine wine

In an uncertain economy it’s hard to know where to put your money. Many investors are sitting on the sidelines saying “cash is king.” However, commodities are worth looking into. Global investors, particularly the emerging upper class in Asia, are flocking to rare and fine wines. Americans are also capitalizing on this investment that’s showing both long-term and short-term growth.

Watch my video interview with entrepreneurial success, Michael Wigley, the Chairman of Bacchus Partners LLC fine wine funds, to learn more about the fine wine market.

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Capitalism’s Biggest Users

What do Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, business tycoon Warren Buffett, Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner Mark Cuban, and movie star Brad Pitt have in common? Each man is a high profile capitalist asserting that American capitalism propagates greed while government redistribution of wealth produces justice.

It’s easy for Cuban, Schmidt, Buffett and Pitt to criticize capitalism after they’ve used it to achieve financial independence, fame and influence. Now that they’ve made it to the top they can criticize and dismantle capitalism without fearing significant negative impacts on their own lives.

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Capitalism vs. Mark Cuban

This week, capitalism takes on Dallas Mavericks owner, billionaire Mark Cuban.

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Earn Black Belt Unemployment

“Take a look at this black belt I’m wearing people. You think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearin’ this bad boy?”

It’s time for unemployed Americans to embrace capitalistic martial arts. It’s time to talk like Rex from Napoleon Dynamite. It’s time to give socialism a roundhouse kick to the face.

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Napolitano, show us the border

Out of sight is out of mind. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano can give the impression she’s doing her job and keeping Americans safe when Americans are unaware of the dangers lurking next door.

Napolitano can’t stop natural oppressors like tropical storms, hurricanes or earthquakes but she can impede the drug cartel violence on the U.S.-Mexico border. Nevertheless, Napolitano refuses to publicly acknowledge the extent of border violence from drug cartels. She also refrains from pressuring the media to cover the preventable destruction and bloodshed on the border as much as it covers natural disasters.

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What’s Cool, What’s Not

This week, Betty White and the late Lucille Ball take on Manchester, England activists. Who do you think offers the best advice for young professionals and entrepreneurs?

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