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Tax ethics for smarties

I have tax reform guidelines, and they’re not for dummies. My guidelines are for smart people who think rationally. Irrational folks like Warren Buffet may need to eat a bag of Halloween candy before they’re alert enough to understand my conception of ethical taxation.

I think we need to ask ourselves a fundamental question: “Under what circumstances may our government rightfully seize and spend our money?”

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2011 Halloween Costume Idea

Every year, my talented sister, Amie, develops a cartoon showcasing a fun Halloween costume idea that sends a free-markets message and reflects current events. Her previous costumes include the Sexy Acorn (to draw attention to ACORN’s child sex scandal) and the Hot Teapot (to laud the everyday Americans fighting for Constitutional principles within the Tea Party movement).

This year, we chose to honor the entrepreneurial spirit of the late Steve Jobs with the Unbelievable Apple. (Jobs frequently used the word “unbelievable” to describe Apple products.)

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How sex sells socialism

When all else fails, sex sells. The only way to sell the American public on socialism is to use sex appeal because socialism does not appeal to reason or justice. And watching handsome high rollers head to prison is no doubt an Occupy Wall Streeter’s notion of ultimate bondage sex appeal.

The Department of Justice is not in the sales industry. Yet the DOJ appears hell-bent on prosecuting provocative cases that deflect responsibility for the financial crisis away from the government and onto the private sector.

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Why Capitalism Glorifies God

I contend that if you profess to believe in God, you must also embrace capitalism.

Lately, many religious shepherds are abandoning reason in favor of sentiment. Catholic nuns are joining Occupy Wall Street revelers, like zombies witnessing to rapturous fans. Meanwhile, Jewish activist and commentator Jake Goodman is hailing the Manhattan demonstration (which includes numerous blatantly anti-Semitic protesters) as a group of people “philanthropizing with their feet.”

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The duty of selfish disobedience

Walden Pond State Reservation

When a majority of progressive slugs call for thievery, I believe that a minority of “selfish” job creators may exercise Thoreau-style civil disobedience.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors setting up camp in Manhattan’s Financial District are not exercising civil disobedience. Rather, they are rousing hatred against an unprotected minority: The rich.

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Toasting 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

Let me introduce you to Kieran Folliard, the Minneapolis entrepreneur behind 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. As some of you know, last summer, I had a chance to visit Ireland and her pubs. Since my trip to Ireland I’ve become impressed with Folliard’s ability to bring authentic Irish spirit to the United States. So, when I heard that Folliard was selling his successful Twin Cities pubs (Kieran’s, The Liffey, The Local and Cooper) and developing a brand-new Irish Whiskey, I had to learn more.

In this video, Folliard talks to me about entrepreneurship, developing new liquor products, overcoming challenging regulations and working with the last independent distillery in Ireland, Cooley Distillery. Folliard’s positive attitude and can-do spirit are inspirational to entrepreneurs of all ages.

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Celebrating two fabulous years

Amie and Katie Kieffer.

Today is my second anniversary of blogging! Many wonderful things happened over the past 12 months. Remember how much fun we had last year? Here are some of this year’s highlights:

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Bringing selfish back

When politicians, journalists and college professors use words like “share,” “fair” and “redistribution,” they are trying to make socialist ideas sound sexy. Socialism isn’t sexy; it’s suffocating.

Here’s what’s sexy: “Selfishly” working hard to secure your own financial independence and making free choices with regard to your career, romantic relationships, children and estate. Let’s bring selfish back, y’all!

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