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Where Is John Galt?

Where is a man who can save us? A man of virtue and action who can rebuild our economy and culture? We must find a true-to-life John Galt.

I think America’s best shot at economic recovery and restoring constitutional freedom is to nurture men and women who emulate the virtues of John Galt, a hero in Ayn Rand’s magnum opus novel, Atlas Shrugged. Galt is a man of unparalleled virtue, intelligence and action in a fictional U.S. economy that is eerily identical to the present-day U.S. economy. Continue reading

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GR8, Obama Is Texting Me

President Obama is mass-texting me although I never opted into his texts. I feel like he controls my phone remotely. So, I’m texting him back: HEY PREZ, WILL U PLS STOP TXTING ME?! AND WHILE UR AT IT, STOP SPYING ON ME W/ DRONES. I’D LIKE SOME PRIVACY. THX!

Friday, July 6 was the day many Americans were on an extended 4th of July vacation and paying more attention to barbecuing and lighting fireworks than the news. Obama seized the day to bypass Congress and release an executive order whereby he effectively gave himself control over the infrastructure that supports your smartphone, internet, radio, TV and satellite dish. Continue reading

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Eric Holder Plays Strip Poker

Strip poker is one of Attorney General Eric Holder’s favorite games. As in, he evidently enjoys stripping online poker entrepreneurs of their Fourth Amendment rights.

Holder is the head of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), which is currently stripping online gaming entrepreneurs of their intellectual property rights. Technically, online gambling has never been declared “illegal” in the U.S. and yet the DOJ is citing a hazy law in order to allege that online gambling is a crime. Continue reading

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I Want to Fly Like an Eagle

It was a Sunday afternoon last summer. After three miles, I was tired and hot from running but happy because I had finally reached the river. As I glanced upwards, I spotted an eagle’s majestic wingspan far above. I slowed down and walked by the shore. Before long, five eagles were soaring overhead–freely weaving between the trees and open air as if they were playing a game. I stood watching them for a long time.

Eagles are awesome creatures. They exude power, grace and freedom. Our founders made the Bald Eagle America’s national bird, partly to show that America’s democratic republic mirrors the glory Rome exuded before its fall. Just as Roman architects used the eagle to represent independence and strength (see the photo below), so too did our Constitution’s architects. Continue reading

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Why Pixar is Number One

Pixar just released its 13th number one opening movie in a row, Brave. Most people associate Pixar with blockbuster animations. Many people don’t realize, however, that two of the secrets behind Pixar’s success are capitalism and clean fun.

Capitalism is the foundation that allows Pixar films to come into existence. Without a free market—where small film studios can compete with global giants—we would still be watching ho-hum Disney films. Because of capitalism, Pixar (a startup with loads of talent) was able to compete with Disney (a giant resting on its laurels) as an equal. Continue reading

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