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RINOS Play FarmVille

Farming is a game to RINOS (Republicans In Name Only). But farming is not a game.

Not in America. We are the world’s No. 1 exporter of wheat, corn and soybeans. If we mess up, global food prices soar, livestock die, and streets erupt in riots. Continue reading

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Stressed? Are You Disabled?

Government worker: “Do you have a disability?”
Man: “No.”
Man’s wife: “What does he get if he’s disabled?”
Government worker: “His monthly payments will [double].”
Man’s wife: “Well, then he’s disabled.”
Government worker (to man): “What’s your disability?”
Man: “I’m stressed.”

An attorney friend of mine recently overheard the above conversation in a Florida government building. The man, who had just turned 65, was signing up for retirement benefits while his wife stood over his shoulder. I relay the story to illustrate how our government is expanding the definition of the term “disability.” Continue reading

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TSA: Carcinogenic Petting Zoo

The TSA is effectively an unconstitutional, carcinogenic petting zoo. Deep down, we all feel that the airport security system is an FDA-approved rubdown and radiation parlor. But we are busy, rushing to catch flights, and we tell ourselves it is for our “safety.” So, like sheep, we comply. Continue reading

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Where Is John Galt? Part 2

Entrepreneurs must take action. Now. And by ‘action,’ I mean protesting the federal government’s unconstitutional taxes and regulations. Or, the guilt is theirs if the economy tanks. Luckily, entrepreneurs have two role models to help them develop action plans: John Galt and Steve Jobs.

Last week, I wrote that in order to save our economy and culture we need more entrepreneurs to emulate Ayn Rand’s fictional hero in Atlas Shrugged, John Galt. Certainly, emulating Galt is a challenge as he is a fictional hero who seems larger-than-life. But it is hardly an impossible feat; the late billionaire co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was a true-to-life John Galt. Continue reading

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