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Miss Goldie Standard Makes Halloween Count

Need a fun Halloween costume idea? If you long for sound money, the return of the gold standard and eliminating the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, then this gold coin costume is for you. Continue reading

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Eliminate the TSA

I’m reading the Constitution and I do not see a “Grope or Scan” clause. The TSA is unconstitutional. Let’s eliminate the TSA.

If you read my columns regularly, you know that I consider the TSA to be a carcinogenic petting zoo. I nearly always opt out. I object to the scanners on principle of their unconstitutionality. And I am concerned about the possibility of a scanner malfunction (thousands of service calls have been made to the backscatter X-ray machines)—which medical experts warn can result in extremely high radiation exposure. Continue reading

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Dagny Taggart Goes To War

By Katie Kieffer

Dagny Taggart is not just the entrepreneurial heroine of Ayn Rand’s magnum opus novel, Atlas Shrugged. She is the inspiration of real women everywhere who are taking up her shield and fighting her battle for freedom using the weapons of entrepreneurship, education and free speech.

The media continually talks about the “war on women.” What the media never admits is that the government is waging a war against women through unjust … Continue reading

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Motivating Young People to Watch Presidential Debates

Hit the gym; grab dinner with friends; build a bonfire. These are three evening activities I prefer to watching presidential debates—and I am a political commentator. Few young people watch presidential debates and I understand why.

After Wednesday’s initial presidential debate, I realized that Republicans are failing to exploit the debates and attract independent voters. Instead, Republicans seem to be preaching to the choir. Continue reading

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Grab a Glass of Bacardi!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When Washington gives you lemons, make lemonade and don’t forget the rum.

D.C. lemons make it challenging to remain upbeat. “Lemon legislation” coming out of Washington, D.C. is effectively shredding the Constitution (think Obamacare or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the National Defense Authorization Act and President Obama’s executive order to expand the use of domestic drones). Continue reading

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