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I Know What Lois Lerner Did Last Summer

I know her secret, I know she’s scared, and I know what she did last summer.

If you need something lighthearted to pick yourself up and get back into work after a long holiday weekend, I’ll give you a column that would more humorous if it weren’t so close to the truth. It’s the story about what Lois Lerner and her new bestie, Hillary Clinton, did last summer. Continue reading

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Democrat Grandma’s Advice for Hillary: Eat Your Mealworms!

My Great Grandmother Lizzy, a lifelong Democrat, would have choice words for Hillary Clinton. Continue reading

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Gov. Kitzhaber: Standing By His Woman, Killing His Career

Come over here, she beckoned, Let me whisper in your ear. If you make me first lady and hire me as “clean energy adviser,” I’ll ignore the 20 years between us.

Last Friday afternoon, 67-year-old Gov. John Kitzhaber (D-Oregon) announced his resignation. He and his 47-year-old clean energy consultant/lover Cylvia Hayes will no longer be taking romantic strolls through the manicured gardens of Mahonia Hall. Nor will they be engaging in late-night pillow talk sessions on “energy” at the Tudor-style governor’s mansion. Continue reading

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Stupid Cupid’s Trophy Case

By Katie Kieffer

Italian prodigy, Raphael, once painted two angels in the Sistine Chapel. One chubby cherub wears a mischievous expression as he rests his chin on his hand. The other looks wide-eyed and innocent. This angelic pair has celebrity status if you consider how often they have been reproduced. Political historians like myself surmise that these cherubs are also known as “Stupid Cupid” and “Smart Cupid.” Ideally, you want to be hit by Smart Cupid on Valentine’s Day. This will be difficult, since Stupid Cupid had a red hot winter. Continue reading

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I Hope Hillary Fails, McCain Creaks and America Thrives

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. Which means the odds of Hillary Clinton running for president have dropped down to 99%. Why bother with baby showers when you can be chilling with a hip grandfather like John McCain?

Bill Clinton told ABC News last September that his wife is more interested in being a “grandmother” than President of the United States. Apparently, Slick Willie was wrong. Instead of fretting over colors for the baby’s room, Hillary is flitting around the country to promote her brand and getting chummy with McNasty (McCain’s actual high school nickname). Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Trapped Inside Harry Reid’s Body

Who is the real Harry Reid? From his behavior, it appears that Harry Reid is a shell of a man—containing clones of Bill Clinton’s mind and soul.

As I watched U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid give a speech on the Senate floor last Wednesday and claim: “…there’s plenty of horror stories [about Obamacare] being told; all of ‘em are all untrue. But they’re being told all over America,” I had a flashback to former president Clinton testifying: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Continue reading

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You’re Invited! Barack Obama’s Ugly Sweater Party

Mark your calendars! President Obama’s IRS has stomped on the tea party for too long. You’re invited to Barack Obama’s Ugly Sweater Party!

Democrats and the conventional media have been trying to dismiss the tea party—which they always fail to mention is not actually a political party but an All-American philosophy of freedom and respect for the U.S. Constitution. Obama and his math whiz coadjutors like Lois Lerner have gone so far as to use the IRS to block decent, law-abiding Americans who embrace the tea party philosophy from forming patriotic, educational non-profits. Continue reading

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Who Took Your Piece of Pie?

Are you one of many Americans who received a letter in the mail indicating that your insurance premiums will increase due to ObamaCare? If so, you will identify with the young couple in this Thanksgiving cartoon by my sister, Amie Kieffer. The cartoon shows a couple pouring over their increasing healthcare insurance premiums as they prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Obama promised that his healthcare bill would make health insurance more affordable. He went so far as to name it the “Affordable Care Act.” Well, for millions of middle class Americans it’s more expensive and, if we don’t like it, the only “option” is to pay an egregious fine. Continue reading

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Pour Me A Vodka, Putin

For the first time in five years, the conventional media prefers Russian President Vladimir Putin over U.S. President Barack Obama. Has Vladimir sent American journalists cases of Russian Vodka? Or are they fed up with Barack?

It’s amusing to think about Putin shipping cases of Russian Vodka to American journalists with a note Continue reading

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Burping John Kerry

John Kerry burped. Excuse him. That’s how he does foreign policy. Don a burping pad before asking him questions; you never know whether he will spit out war or peace.

Last Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry held a press conference. CBS reporter Margaret Brennan asked Kerry how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could avoid a U.S. air strike on Syria. Continue reading

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