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I Want to Fly Like an Eagle

04, Jul

By Katie Kieffer

Eagle Artwork - Copyright Amie Kieffer - All rights reserved.

It was a Sunday afternoon last summer. After three miles, I was tired and hot from running but happy because I had finally reached the river. As I glanced upwards, I spotted an eagle’s majestic wingspan far above. I slowed down and walked by the shore. Before long, five eagles were soaring overhead–freely weaving between the trees and open air as if they were playing a game. I stood watching them for a long time.

Eagles are awesome creatures. They exude power, grace and freedom. Our founders made the Bald Eagle America’s national bird, partly to show that America’s democratic republic mirrors the glory Rome exuded before its fall. Just as Roman architects used the eagle to represent independence and strength (see the photo below), so too did our Constitution’s architects. Continue reading

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Remembering my heroes

28, May

By Katie Kieffer

Cemetary with American flags on Memorial Day.

By Katie Kieffer

Cemetary with American flags on Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day weekend, I want to honor the lives of two men who served our country and made a profound difference in my life: My grandfathers, Grandpa Rick and Papa Chuck. These two men touched me and countless others with their love, advice and proud patriotism. Continue reading

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I’m back in the USA

24, Jun

By Katie Kieffer

I’m back. Back in the USA. It feels good to be home after spending 20 days traveling throughout Italy and Ireland. I have a new appreciation for and understanding of European history and culture.

At the end of my journey, however, I have a renewed pride for America. I’m proud and blessed to say that I’m an American. Continue reading

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