Danielle Steel’s Amazing Ex-Husband

By Katie Kieffer

Thomas James Perkins is a stud. If he weren’t an octogenarian, I’d ask for his hand in marriage because he courageously and eloquently defends free market capitalism.

Perkins is the founder of the Silicone Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). He is also the ex-husband of the world’s reigning best-selling author alive: American novelist and San Francisco resident Danielle Steel. Continue reading

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Let Women Carry Concealed Firearms on Campus

By Katie Kieffer

Women should be allowed to carry concealed firearms on college campuses. Instead, President Obama favors Gun Free Zones, which endanger women’s health.

One in five female college students are sexually assaulted or raped according to a new report issued last week by the White House Council on Women and Girls. Declaring that sexual assault “affects every one of us,” Obama picked up his pen and signed a piece of paper (a “memorandum”) calling for the creation of a campus rape response task force. Continue reading

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Eat Venison: A Deer Meat Diet

By Katie Kieffer

It’s January. If you resolved to lose weight, forget the cotton ball diet. To become a lean, mean muscle machine: eat venison.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo feign to keep us healthy and safe by restricting our dietary choices and attacking our constitutional right to use guns for hunting and self-defense. Both men are dead wrong about health, hunting and guns. Continue reading

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How Sticking to Your Guns Makes You Happy

By Katie Kieffer

Prediction: 2014 will be an amazing year for you and me. To borrow a line from Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, I predict 2014 will be: “Happy, Happy, Happy.”

We’re less than one week into the New Year, and I can already tell that 2014 has wondrous things in store. For nearly six years, independent and conservatively-minded Americans have endured the grey skies and choppy waters of the Obama administration. Now, I feel like the tide is finally turning. A new sun is rising. The smell of joy is in the air. Continue reading

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Cheers! To Champagne Entrepreneurs

By Katie Kieffer

Raise your champagne flûte and make a New Year’s toast to the entrepreneurs who made bubbly—once a drink of kings—available for mass imbibing.

It’s vital to know the entrepreneurial story behind everyday indulgences that we consume such as iPads; electric Christmas lights; or champagne. Our president likes to say that entrepreneurs “didn’t build” their companies on their own. Actually, entrepreneurs do build their companies on their own, and champagne is a fine example. Continue reading

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How To: Celebrate an All-American Christmas

By Katie Kieffer

Looking to celebrate Christmas in a ‘Happy Holidays’ America? You’re in luck. America has an opulence of her very own Christmas traditions that are both fun and spiritually fulfilling.

A new Pew poll finds that younger Americans do not practice Christmas the same way as their parents and grandparents. Only 39 percent of Americans between the ages of 18-29 say they celebrate Christmas as a faith-based feast. In contrast, 66 percent of Americans over the age of 65 celebrate Christmas as a faith-centered holiday. Continue reading

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Fighting Irish Stiff-Arm Barack

By Katie Kieffer

Leave it to the Fighting Irish to vanquish the sheepish, the snobbish and the priggish. This month, the University of Notre Dame (UND) re-filed its lawsuit “for relief against” the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate which is set to take effect January 1, 2014.

Forget the Audacity of Hope. There’s nothing audacious or courageous about a president who flits about, attacking religious freedom, while he poses for selfies during funeral ceremonies. Let’s come together under the Courage of Catholics at the University of Notre Dame. Continue reading

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You’re Invited! Barack Obama’s Ugly Sweater Party

By Katie Kieffer

Mark your calendars! President Obama’s IRS has stomped on the tea party for too long. You’re invited to Barack Obama’s Ugly Sweater Party!

Democrats and the conventional media have been trying to dismiss the tea party—which they always fail to mention is not actually a political party but an All-American philosophy of freedom and respect for the U.S. Constitution. Obama and his math whiz coadjutors like Lois Lerner have gone so far as to use the IRS to block decent, law-abiding Americans who embrace the tea party philosophy from forming patriotic, educational non-profits. Continue reading

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Hope For a Cure to ObamaCancer

By Katie Kieffer

Mr. Forward, Barack Obama, is not forwarding health; he’s forwarding cancer. He’s on “one more campaign” to pitch ObamaCare, which is quickly metastasizing into ObamaCancer. Where’s our hope for a cure?

Two weeks ago, President Obama said: “I’ve run my last political campaign, but I’ve got one more campaign in me, and that’s making sure that this law [ObamaCare] works.” Last week, The New York Times reported that Obama has enlisted celebrities and groups like AARP to help him recruit young and healthy Americans to sign up for (and subsidize) ObamaCare. AARP is literally encouraging its members who are mothers to send their children e-cards and invite them to sign up for ObamaCare!
Continue reading

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Who Took Your Piece of Pie?

By Katie Kieffer

Are you one of many Americans who received a letter in the mail indicating that your insurance premiums will increase due to ObamaCare? If so, you will identify with the young couple in this Thanksgiving cartoon by my sister, Amie Kieffer. The cartoon shows a couple pouring over their increasing healthcare insurance premiums as they prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

Obama promised that his healthcare bill would make health insurance more affordable. He went so far as to name it the “Affordable Care Act.” Well, for millions of middle class Americans it’s more expensive and, if we don’t like it, the only “option” is to pay an egregious fine. Continue reading

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