Hot Halloween costume idea

By Katie Kieffer

"Hot Tea Pot" Halloween costume. Art copyright Amie Kieffer. All rights reserved.

“Hot Tea Pot” Halloween costume. Art copyright Amie Kieffer. All rights reserved.

Remember last Halloween when I showcased the Sexy Acorn Halloween costume? This year, my sister Amie and I decided to keep the “sexy” while taking out the “scandal” in our 2010 costume.

Let me introduce you to the Hot Teapot. It’s so hot that you will be able to see the steam coming out of this little getup. This teapot whistles with all the energy, passion and engagement that the Tea Party has brought to America this year.

When I spoke at the MN Tea Party’s Tax Day Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol this year, I experienced the positive energy behind the Tea Party first-hand. I can think of no better way to celebrate Halloween – a few days before the midterm elections – than to don this costume.

Reuters reports that more Americans (two out of five) plan to wear a Halloween costume this year.  “In recent years, Halloween has provided a welcome break from reality, allowing many Americans a chance to escape from the stress the economy has put on their family and incomes,” explains National Retail Federation president and CEO Matthew Shay.

So, if you plan to join in on the fun, why not do it in a meaningful way and stand up for the foundations that our country was built on, like the U.S. Constitution, free enterprise, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

Art copyright Amie Kieffer. All rights reserved. Find her on Facebook at AK Artistic Productions.

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  1. MBerg says:


    I’m gonna steal the “Three Hole Punch Jim” idea from The Office.

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