2011 Halloween Costume Idea

By Katie & Amie Kieffer

Apple Halloween Costume Cartoon by Amie Kieffer.  All rights reserved.

Artwork copyright Amie Kieffer. All rights reserved. Find Amie’s art on Facebook at “AK Artistic Productions.”

Every year, my talented sister, Amie, develops a cartoon showcasing a fun Halloween costume idea that sends a free-markets message and reflects current events. Amie’s previous costumes include the Sexy Acorn (to draw attention to ACORN’s child sex scandal) and the Hot Teapot (to laud the everyday Americans fighting for Constitutional principles within the Tea Party movement).

This year, we chose to honor the entrepreneurial spirit of the late Steve Jobs with the Unbelievable Apple. (Jobs frequently used the word “unbelievable” to describe Apple products.)

Jobs believed hard work and passion were keys to success and he was frustrated with Eric Schmidt (Google) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) because he felt they took short-cuts around hard work and innovation and “shamelessly ripped off other people’s ideas.

Jobs believed in the power of the free market. He once said: “We’re trying to make great products. … If the market tells us we’re making the wrong choices, we listen to the market. …That’s what a lot of customers pay us to do, is to try to make the best products we can. And if we succeed, they’ll buy ‘em. And if we don’t, they won’t, and it’ll all work itself out. And, you know, so far, I’d have to say, that people seem to be liking iPads, you know? I mean, we’ve sold one every three seconds since we launched it.”

Have fun creating your own free-markets costume this year like the Unbelievable Apple, and be sure to stop by my house for Halloween treats on October 31st! It’s 1776 Reason Avenue, Freedomville.

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  1. fliz says:

    Hey Katie,

    I like that you're promoting that he valued listening to the market's demands, but you're missing one MAJOR point.

    In a free market, there is no "Intellectual Property." You can't steal an idea, only replicate it. Ownership has to be transferable for it to be true property. The only way ownership of an idea exists is through market regulation (patents). This is not a free market.

    Steve Jobs still gets a huge nod for being so good at understanding how to make technology accessible to the masses.

    • Brenda Donato says:

      Hey Fliz,

      Every time you leave a comment on one of Katie's articles it is negative. Maybe your missing HER point of view????

  2. Winarch says:

    A pretty neat "unbelievable costume", yet even the very young trick-and-treaters should have no trouble making the connection to Job's "Unbelievable Apple"… They know all about it.

  3. Lodzia says:

    Nicely done, Amie! I enjoyed looking back at her old Acorn and Teapot cartoons
    as well. Gotta try and see if I can come up with a free-market costume for myself.

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