I Want to Fly Like an Eagle

By Katie & Amie Kieffer

Eagle Artwork - Copyright Amie Kieffer - All rights reserved.

Eagle painting by Amie Kieffer. Acrylic. Copyright Amie Kieffer. All rights reserved. Contact Amie: AK@amiekieffer.com.

It was a Sunday afternoon last summer. After three miles, I was tired and hot from running but happy because I had finally reached the river. As I glanced upwards, I spotted an eagle’s majestic wingspan far above. I slowed down and walked by the shore. Before long, five eagles were soaring overhead–freely weaving between the trees and open air as if they were playing a game. I stood watching them for a long time.

Eagles are awesome creatures. They exude power, grace and freedom. Our founders made the Bald Eagle America’s national bird, partly to show that America’s democratic republic mirrors the glory Rome exuded before its fall. Just as Roman architects used the eagle to represent independence and strength (see the photo below), so too did our Constitution’s architects.

Eagles at Gateway to Villa Borghese in Rome

Eagles at Gateway to Villa Borghese near Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy. Photo copyright Katie Kieffer.

Today is Independence Day. Let’s pledge to spend our time, talents and resources to ensure that our politicians stand by our Constitution. Let’s stop talking and take action, lest we go the way of Rome and become a beautiful place for tourists to take pictures and walk through museums showcasing the glory days of American capitalism (see my posts from my trip to Italy: Roma-romama!, Watching Rome Burn, Hailing the Reagan of Rome and Cornered in a Museum). Let’s fly like eagles.

To order your own custom artwork that promotes freedom like the eagle acrylic painting above, please send Amie Kieffer an email: AK@AmieKieffer.com

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  1. Brent-Norris says:

    …reminds me of the first 10 minutes of Emerson's "Walking" essay.

  2. mikec711 says:

    Eagles are amazing birds. But with our current leadership in this country (and this is a biPartisan statement) … Ben Franklin's suggestion (the turkey) just seems more appropriate.

  3. The Godmother says:

    The 4th is over, but I'm just now getting a chance to see my old emails.
    I love Amie's Eagle! Can't wait for your Art Show in August.
    Katie, glad you are able to enjoy the freedom of your run in our beautiful country.
    love to all,
    The Godmother

  4. Marie Frances says:

    Cool…really cool.
    That eagle is awesome!

  5. Lodzia says:

    Happy Fourth of July, Katie Kieffer!

    I enjoy your writing and especially like
    this one and how it compares the majesty and symbolism of
    the American Eagle of freedom and Independence to Rome.
    (Good references to your former posts)
    The eagle artwork, by Amie Kieffer, is also very
    realistic. Love it!

    God bless the USA.

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