Soldiers Betraying Soldiers

By Katie Kieffer


Image credit: “Operation Enduring Freedom” by Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation Management Command, U.S. Army’s photostream on Flickr via Creative Commons.

Secret stories of soldiers stabbing their fellow soldiers in the back read like crime thrillers. Our bravest soldiers and veterans are increasingly the victims of abuse by other soldiers with more political clout.

President Obama boasts of his ability to “evolve” on gay marriage. He has also evolved on other issues, such as his level of respect for the military. That is, if regression is a form of evolution.

Air Force Times recently published a story headlined “When Generals Behave Badly,” detailing an epidemic of corruption among the military’s top brass. Obama is doing little to discipline his generals found guilty of fraud, reprisal and abuse of authority. Slaps on the wrist like verbal counseling and letters of reprimand are routine.

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow and it is a fitting time to shine light on how the executive branch has turned the military into a massive bureaucracy—while our veterans are caught in the crosshairs.

The purpose of the military is to defend American citizens, not the political interests of power-mongering bureaucrats. Unfortunately, soldiers and veterans are now motivated to turn on their fellow soldiers and veterans in order to keep their jobs or advance in Obama’s military. Our brave troops are not to blame for this state of affairs. Rather, our president is most culpable. Obama’s hands are metaphorically stained with the blood of soldiers who have suffered because of his politically correct leadership.

Here are a few stories illustrating how Obama’s policies essentially force soldiers to betray their fellow soldiers.

No-Knock SWAT Attack Kills Veteran

No-knock SWAT attacks are on the rise. Our federal government’s insatiable desire for power has led to a situation where law enforcement officers (SWAT team members) are encouraged to invade the homes of thousands of innocent American citizens every year.

Consider the little-known case of Marine Veteran Jose Guerena. On May 5, 2011, a SWAT team invaded his home without a proper warrant or warning. 38 seconds after pulling into Guerena’s driveway, SWAT police fired at least 71 rounds at Guerena only to find out (after he was dead) that they had the wrong man. The drug dealers and money-launders they sought were Guerena’s relatives—and Guerena himself had no criminal record. That is, unless serving your country is a crime.

Marine Veteran, Sgt. Rob Richards

My friend, Marine Sgt. Rob Richards, died on August 13, 2014. When news broke in 2012 that he was one of the Marines who urinated on dead Taliban fighters, many Americans judged Richards without knowing his name or full story. Rob and his comrades were betrayed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as a fellow Marine who turned their private video into TMZ for cash.

The New York Times, living up to its reputation for classy yellow journalism, memorialized Richards thus: “Robert Richards, Marine Guilty in Taliban Desecration, Dies at 28.” Rob would not have died at such a young age had it not been for Clinton and Obama’s cowardice. Rob’s story is one of many tales of PTSD-riddled veterans who are abused by our federal government to such an extent that it contributes to their eventual breakdown.

Army Veteran, Lt. Clint Lorance

Lt. Clint Lorance is an American soldier who—after 10 years of exemplary service—is sitting in a prison cell at Fort Leavenworth for killing Afghani motorcyclists who his intel told him were members of the Taliban.

The U.S. military claims that the motorcyclists were not Taliban, but also did not properly identify their bodies. To apparently appease the Afghan government, Obama’s upper brass imprisoned Lorance. The military also compelled Lorance’s comrades to play Judas, promising these key eyewitnesses that they would receive immunity from the charge of murder if they testified against Lorance.

According to Lorance’s mother, there were at least eight legal errors in her son’s trial. Fort Bragg, N.C 82nd Airborne Division Commanding General, Brigadier General Richard Clarke now has the power to grant Lorance clemency. Keep Brigadier General Clarke in your prayers so that he may see the facts of this case.

Lt. Clint Lorance’s full story is worth reading. I had the privilege of getting to know both Clint Lorance’s and Rob Richards’ families and sharing both men’s full stories in my new book, “Let Me Be Clear.”

Let’s support our veterans by shining light on the stories of the men and women who have become scapegoats of Obama’s politically correct military culture. Our first president, George Washington, warned: “Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”

Republicans now control Congress and they have the opportunity to aid veterans by holding President Obama accountable for politicizing the military.

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