Cisco Kid-Pancho (Cruz-Rubio)

By Katie Kieffer

Washington, D.C.

Image credit: “The End Of The Government Shutdown 2013” by Stephen Melkisethian on Flickr via Creative Commons.

Choose adventure! Choose romance! Choose the Robin Hood of Washington: “Cisco Kid” Ted Cruz and his ideal sidekick “Pancho” Marco Rubio! My parents grew up watching two heroic Hispanic partners – The Cisco Kid and Pancho – fight crime in the hit Western, The Cisco Kid. My generation should encourage Rubio to join Cruz so this dynamic duo can beat Donald Trump – and then Hillary Clinton – and finally… win the White House!

Today I’ll make the case for Rubio to join Cruz. For Rubio supporters, this is Rubio’s best opportunity to influence this election. For those who want a non-Trump candidate to beat Hillary—without alienating Trump voters—a Cruz-Rubio ticket is also your best bet. Indeed, Rush Limbaugh calls a Cruz-Rubio ticket the GOP’s “smartest move.”

Like the Cisco Kid and Pancho in the Old West, Cruz and Rubio would be unstoppable partners in righting wrongs in Washington!

Cruz-Rubio Beats Hillary—And Bumps Trump

“I was a Trump fan not that long ago,” a Millennial told a reporter after last Thursday’s presidential debate in Michigan. “What happened?” asked the reporter. The Millennial answered: “He’s just like a big child.”

Indeed, Trump is proving to be a pouter who prefers pontificating on private parts over public policy.

Anticipating loud boos from Millennials, Trump bailed out of speaking at CPAC within 14 hours of bombing the Michigan debate. As I showed last week, Trump already had a major Millennial problem.

Here’s the catch: we cannot assume—as the GOP establishment does—that Trump’s core fans will abandon him en-masse. Because Trump’s base is not Millennials but folks well over forty who are motivated by fear. Trump understands his fans’ fear best and made the mistake of admitting: “I have the most loyal people… I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”

Absolutely not OK. Which is why we’re strategizing.

Cruz and Trump will each show up at the national convention with a large posse of delegates. The establishment can’t force them to join Kasich or Rubio. It would be completely unjust. And a house divided against itself will not stand against Hillary.

Rubio remains 19 points behind Trump in Florida, his home state. His lone win in Minnesota was lackluster. After Super Tuesday, Cruz had 110% more delegates than Rubio. Florida is Rubio’s best—and unlikely—shot at amassing delegates.

“I am leaving the Senate. I am not running for reelection,” Rubio admitted in a recent debate. The window of time has passed for Rubio to re-run for Senate because Florida is “a big swing state in which you need to be focused on that race from day one,” says the Washington Post. So coalescing with Cruz, who espouses all the principles Rubio claims to uphold but with more traction, is Rubio’s best bet at remaining a political force. Rubio could be Vice President now and in four or eight years—when he’s still a young 48 or 52—be President.

Cruz-Rubio is a win-win-win. For your American Dream. For Rubio. And for Cruz. It’s a lose-lose-lose for flip-floppers like Hillary, Trump, and government corruption.

Pitching a Tent Bigger than Trump’s

Trump takes credit for bringing new voters into the Republican Party. The problem is, those voters were attracted to Trump’s “tell it like it is” style and his stance on immigration. And on Thursday—Trump caved on national television—showing himself to be an insider’s insider. Between Hispanics and Millennials, Cruz-Rubio will expand the tent to be ten times that of Trump’s.

When Fox News debate moderators asked Trump about immigration, the number one issue that launched him into the spotlight, Trump said: “I’m changing, I’m changing… I’m softening!”

Rubio is marred by the mess he made by partnering with the Democrats on the Gang of Eight amnesty legislation. Cruz meanwhile has been steady on immigration since 2010.

“Cruz was at an IQ factor of 85 above everyone else on that stage,” Rush Limbaugh said after the Michigan debate. “There was a flip flop. What’s on Trump’s website [on immigration] is not what he ended up saying.” It was Cruz who explained the flop for all to hear.

Ted Cruz is the first Hispanic to win an American presidential primary or caucus. Ever. And he didn’t stop with one win. He scooped up a state the size of a country—Texas—plus Iowa, Oklahoma and Trump’s fangirl Sarah Palin’s home state of Alaska.

Cruz does much better among Millennials than Rubio or Trump. Look at the exit polls in the states where we had age data coming out of Super Tuesday, Cruz won the Millennial vote in five states—and not all the same states where he won overall, showing he has a broad fan base. Rubio only won Millennials in three states and one state overall. Despite more overall wins, Trump only won the Millennial vote in three states.

There’s still a place for folks like Gov. John Kasich in politics. He could be on the Cruz-Rubio cabinet. Cruz-Rubio could also boot Janet Yellen and make Rand Paul the chair of the Federal Reserve. Dr. Ben Carson could reform the Department of Health and Human Services. All the voters who wouldn’t vote for Trump could—in good conscience and with great enthusiasm—rally around Cruz-Rubio and their Dream Team.

Over half of Americans now make under $30,000 a year. Let’s tell the Robin Hood of Washington—“Cisco Kid” Ted Cruz and partner “Pancho” Marco Rubio—to “rob” from corrupt government elites and give back to the poor the money that the government stole from them when they were middle class. Cruz-Rubio 2016 for the win!

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  1. Phillip Wernick says:

    Katie Kieffer, you have made your case and written an article I hope many voters will take to heart. Thank you for your diligence in investigative reporting.

  2. Marie Frances says:

    Nice post, and something to consider.

  3. Bryan P. Bjornson says:

    Katie, your articles about and in support of Sen. Cruz are very good.

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