What Normal People Want

By Katie Kieffer

Millennials Jam Workshop: Youth and ICTs beyond 2015

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Less than 1% of American adults identify as transgender and most Americans support President Trump’s recent immigration order—but you would think (from how much we publicly discuss refugees and sexual identity) that most Americans are LGBT open border activists.

Most Americans are very ordinary (a.k.a. sane) people who couldn’t care less whether Bruce Jenner adopted the name “Caitlyn” and identifies as transgender. The average American is also a generous and welcoming person who supports our country’s “melting pot” heritage. (There’s a reason why Budweiser’s 2017 Super Bowl “Born The Hard Way” commercial about its German founder’s immigration to the U.S. was a huge hit.)

But, let’s face it. You and I are tiring of incessant chatter about how America “discriminates” against Muslims; women; children and homosexuals. Because we know these allegations are untrue. It’s as though those making the allegations never heard of the Middle East. Where wanton death and torture often haunts women, children and homosexuals.

Donald Trump was inaugurated as America’s 45th President less than one month ago. Every day since has been a protest. Whether it’s two people pouting outside Trump Hotel in Las Vegas or thousands stomping outside the White House—someone’s whining. Already, thousands of protesters are gearing up for a climate change alarmism street march scheduled for April 22 (Earth Day).

You and I want our normal life back. We want to drive home from work without getting snarled in traffic blocked by Black Lives Matter. We want to watch a football game or a Hollywood awards ceremony without being mocked by a millionaire entertainer who knows nothing about politics. We want to take a flight and grab our luggage without tripping over Muslim men kneeling in prayer toward Mecca.

“I have no problem if they want to protest … but I just missed my flight,” 22-year-old Rebekah Bergeron vented to the Los Angeles Times last month after protesters blocked her path at LAX.

Like Rebekah, you respect the First Amendment. But as a taxpayer who underwrites public transportation and infrastructure, you don’t feel the need to subsidize someone else’s desire to crash your life.

Since 1975, the U.S. has benevolently admitted 3.3 million refugees—80,000 of whom entered in 2016 alone. Our visitation and entry system, however, is due for reform. Even 25-year U.S. State Department veterans are telling the Chicago Tribune that Trump’s immigration order could have gone further: “Despite claims of enhanced vetting, the reality is that it is virtually impossible to vet an individual who has no type of an official record, particularly in countries compromised by terrorism.”

Normal, sane Americans simply don’t want to underwrite refugees or immigrants from compromised countries until we can be assured they will be properly vetted.

Normal People Have Amazing Adventures

In our eagerness to be an extraordinary country that “loves” everyone—especially minorities and immigrants— we’ve forgotten that every amazing adventure is rooted in normalcy.

Lord of the Rings is a great example. Author J. R. R. Tolkien was able to craft a popular tale about a hobbit’s extraordinary adventures because his protagonist is a normal individual with no special powers. Tolkien’s hero’s ordinary roots create a powerful contrast that allows his journey to feel so magical.

The great English writer G. K. Chesterton explains the necessary juxtaposition of normalcy and oddity best in his book Orthodoxy:

“The old fairy tale makes the hero a normal human boy; it is his adventures that are startling; they startle him because he is normal. …You can make a story out of a hero among dragons; but not out of a dragon among dragons. The fairy tale discusses what a sane man will do in a mad world. The sober realistic novel of to-day discusses what an essential lunatic will do in a dull world.”

WHAT does this have to do with transgender bathrooms and refugees restrictions?

Quite a lot, actually.

Normal Pride

Normal people need to start coming out. By that, I mean holding your chin up and being proud of the fact that you’re a normal, nice person and most of your neighbors (albeit secretly) actually agree with your political views. Here are a few powerful examples.

When the U.S. Navy tried to be hip by eliminating all traditional sailor titles ending in “man” such as “corpsman,” “boatswain’s mate” and “chief yeoman”—thousands of sailors expressed outrage. Apparently—even though the Pentagon now allows women to partake in combat roles—the average sailor holds tradition more sacred than modernity. The Navy recanted.

After black entertainers like 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand in respect during the national anthem and pop star Beyoncé staged a pre-Super Bowl music video telling cops “Stop Shooting Us!”—a Quinnipiac poll found the majority (54%) of Americans opposed anthem protests, and the 68% of blacks and 88% of whites approved of how “police in your community are doing their job.”

After transgender bathrooms became a trendy topic for talking heads, most Americans still say they don’t feel compelled to use (or build if they’re a small business owner) gender neutral bathrooms just because 0.6% of the adult population may feel uncomfortable.

Finally, even after over a year of constant negative press for his proposed immigration policies, most Americans (55%) also approve of President Trump’s travel ban. His ban would temporarily bar the entry of citizens from Yemen, Iran, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Somalia (for only 90 days); refugees (for 120 days); and refugees from Syria (indefinitely).

Be Normal for the Children

If politicians can’t be sane for themselves, they should try to be sane for the children. For all the “children” who were born in America and for all those who were born elsewhere and hope—like Budweiser founder Adolphus Busch—to become American citizens (or dual citizens) someday, we need to start applauding normalcy.

Because it’s not right to pressure an eight-year-old boy (as this New Jersey Boy Scout mother did) to declare that he’s “transgender” before he’s even gone through puberty. It’s stressful enough for grade-schoolers to handle homework, sports and the drama of adolescent friendships let alone whether they truly “identify” as a “boy” or a “girl”—or something else.

And it’s not right to tell to the average Class of 2016 graduate with nearly $40,000 in student debt that instead of pressuring colleges to lower costs by eliminating unnecessary layers of administrative staff—we’re going to give non-American “dreamers” discounted college tuition. In the state of Texas alone, 24,982 illegal immigrants qualified for subsidized “dreamer” college tuition in 2015.

Because we all have dreams. And the most fantastic dreams emerge from a foundation of sanity. Show your normal pride.

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  1. Dale says:

    You hit the nail on the head again Katie. We, the normals, must stand up and be counted or the radical left, evidently with the endorsement of their elected leaders, will gain back the tremendous momentum they had under Obama. A simple start is calling your representatives and senators and letting them know where you stand.

  2. Jake says:

    I’m so glad that you’ve never been discriminated against and that apparently, neither am I.

  3. Margo says:

    Totally agree with you, Katie. Fabulous post, too.

  4. Steve Miller says:

    Thank you for this article. I agree completely and hope it’s not too late for “normal” to reign supreme once again. We are all to blame for letting this country get out of control and I hope we have had enough of the few out-of-touch moaners and that we all stand up and stay stood up until we take our country back again.

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