The Rational Vote: Trump

By Katie Kieffer

Melania and Donald Trump

Image credit: The White House on Flickr. In the public domain. Photo by Andrea Hanks.

You and I know people who admit to being Democrats. I don’t know a Democrat who will admit to believing in Democratic policies. No Democrat will ever say that they support: “unlimited power for politicians; murdering babies; declaring a man guilty of a crime without evidence; and stealing from the poor to aid criminals.”

May we conclude, then, that to be a Democrat in 2018 is to live in a fantasy world?

“I can’t believe the Democrats have gone so bad. And I used to be a Democrat,” my 87-year-old grandmother recently said. She sees a party that once stood for farmers and now stands for “democratic socialism”—a nice name for communism.

On June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 against unions by ruling that government workers cannot be compelled to pay dues to support collective bargaining. This majority decision was possible because Donald J. Trump—not Hillary Clinton—replaced the late Anthony Scalia with a justice who honors the Constitution (Neil Gorsuch). Today, Democrats are terrified that President Trump’s second Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) went on TV to claim that Kavanaugh does not “have a presumption of innocence” regarding assertions that he sexually harassed a young woman during high school because “he very much is against women’s reproductive choice.”

How does his opposition to abortion prove that he committed a crime during high school? It doesn’t. Yet Democrats continually spout such nonsense with great confidence.

Democrats will vote to raise your taxes, increase abortion subsidies, bar free speech—and impeach Trump. As the Midterm elections draw near, I make the case for supporting Trump, and voting for Republicans.

Shadows in the Shire

“Well now, what about a smoke, while you tell us what has been happening in the Shire,” Pippen asks a hobbit named Hob upon his return home from an epic journey. “There isn’t no pipe weed now,” replies Hob; “at least only for the Chief’s men. All the stocks seem to have gone.”

Hobbits—in The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien—are humble folk who enjoy singing, eating, family time, birthday parties, gardening, long walks and pipe smoking—preferably beside a cozy fire. Indeed, in Middle Earth, hobbits are renown for producing extraordinary pipe weed. 

Imagine Pippen’s shock, then, upon learning that while he, Frodo, Sam, Merry and the wizard Gandalf were away, an evil “Chief” overtook the Shire and implemented a totalitarian, socialist regime where food and firewood are rationed, singing is outlawed and the Shire’s most famous crop is mysteriously missing.

Today, we face a similar situation in America. While we weren’t watching, the Democratic party has tightened its grip on America. Even in historically “red” states like Texas, well-known Republicans are suddenly struggling against stealthy Democrats like Robert O’Rourke who rose from obscurity with the help of outside funds linked to George Soros.

If Republicans lose the Senate, let’s face it, the Democrats will impeach President Trump. And they will replace him with a mean “chief” who will ration and restrict your rights.

Trump’s Accomplishments

It’s easy to complain about Trump’s tweets. Yes, he can be own worst enemy on Twitter. But I almost never hear a Republican complain about Trump’s policies.

President Trump shares a laugh with a Boy Scout.

President Trump shares a laugh with a Boy Scout. Image credit: The White House. Photo in public domain. Photographer: Shealah Craighead.

“It feels like Christmas morning!” my sister exclaimed after Trump was elected president. Indeed, after eight years of Barack Hussein Obama, Trump’s election felt like a fresh start.

The media is out to destroy Trump and refuses to announce his accomplishments. Let’s focus on some rarely-mentioned highlights of his first term and consider how wise it would be for us to help him lead our country toward further greatness.

Reagan-like Eloquence—If We Listen

This week, President Trump gave a fantastic and courageous speech to the United Nations. He stood for American values and spoke the truth: “America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism and accept the doctrine of patriotism.”

President Trump addressing the UN Assembly on 9/25/18.

Image credit: The White House on Flickr. Image in the public domain. Photo by Andrea Hanks.

In particular, Trump pointed out the danger of socialism, using Venezuela as an example. Take a listen:

“Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. Make their countries great again …Not long ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries on Earth. Today, socialism has bankrupted the oil-rich nation and driven its people into abject poverty.

Virtually everywhere socialism or communism has been tried, it has produced suffering, corruption, and decay. Socialism’s thirst for power leads to expansion, incursion, and oppression. All nations of the world should resist socialism and the misery that it brings to everyone.”

Trump on Twitter is a completely different Trump than the man who is leading our country. Let’s give Trump a chance to be our president.

Let us not use Trump’s tweets as an excuse not to vote for Republicans in the Midterms. We may feel saintly when we refuse to support Trump—but what are we accomplishing other than aiding the Democrats in our own slow demise?

Let us vote for Republicans who will help President Trump continue to reform our economy, healthcare system and culture. Or, we will soon find that socialist shadows pollute our skies and destroy freedom in our Shire; our home; our America.

Katie Kieffer

Katie wears First Amendment shirt from Libertarian Country. © Photo by Amie Kieffer/AK Artistic Productions.

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  1. Sherilyn Higy says:

    Have you been following the news about Trump’s impeachment? From what I understand Nancy Pelosi is still pushing it all forward. I don’t really get it because she was against impeachment before. I think Congress is pretty confused about that.

  2. Platt Brabner says:

    We are living in crazy times and you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  3. Dale Dissmeyer says:

    Great piece Katie and on foreign affairs. Trump quieted the long belligerent North Korea…..a weekly threat of nuclear war during the Obama years.

  4. Lodzia says:

    Hey there, Katie Girl! You go, Girl!!!

    Miss you and your posts.

  5. Rick says:

    “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

    – Ayn Rand

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