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Along Came A Spider

03, Oct

By Katie Kieffer


Eight furry legs appeared and Congress let out a scream—quickly surrendering the Internet to the United Nations. Last week, Congress closed shop for a six-week recess without stopping the Internet from slipping into the hands of a global consortium aligned with the United Nations.

Our story begins in 1998, when the organization of the Internet’s “address book” of domain names (such as as well as related technology and structure was assigned to a California nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The U.S. Department of Commerce has had oversight of ICANN since 1998. Continue reading

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Clock Boy Messes With Texas

11, Jul

By Katie Kieffer

Texas cowboy

Don’t mess with Texas, Clock Boy. If you’re too young to remember the Alamo, Google it. Then decide if you still want to ‘come and take it.’

Two weeks ago, the notorious Clock Boy, Ahmed Mohamed, returned to Texas after spending nine months in Qatar where he says he finally felt free to learn about Islam. Continue reading

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A Vote Against Hillary

13, Jun

By Katie Kieffer

Trump never promised me anything. Indeed, he refused to promise not to run third party. Yet those who proposed political marriage—or unity—to Trump are now filing for divorce, even though it means losing our country to Hillary.

If you’re a regular reader, you have likely intuited that my top choices for president were Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz. But I refuse to join the “Never Trump” crowd and feel drawn to explain why—so that you too may decide. Continue reading

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Notre Dame Hugs Biden Back

25, Apr

By Katie Kieffer

Vice President Joe Biden is a hugger: the Internet is awash with memes mocking his gauche embraces of other people’s wives and daughters. Well, next month, the University of Notre Dame—one of America’s most prominent Catholic institutions of higher learning—will metaphorically hug Biden back. By awarding him a prestigious Laetare Medal.

Notre Dame’s decision to honor a man who actively works to implement public policies that will derail the University’s ability to express its own First Amendment rights of free speech and religious expression holds a lesson—and a warning—for us all, Catholic or not. Continue reading

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Sex and Gossip: Millennials Just Roll Their Eyes

30, Mar

By Katie Kieffer

“Pervy Ted Cruz Caught Cheating!” The National Enquirer proclaimed last week.

Twitter erupted with the hashtag #CruzSexScandal.

To a casual observer, false claims of Cruz’s “5 Secret Mistresses!” might have seemed to sink his ship. But a new poll reveals millennials definitively favor Cruz over Trump or Clinton. Continue reading

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Apple Is On Your Side

22, Feb

By Katie Kieffer

Steve Jobs

Obama’s order for Apple to let him hack your iPhone is not about fighting terror—it’s about iPhone dominion. You deserve to know how an attack on Apple’s encryption technology threatens your safety. Continue reading

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Jorge Ramos Wins “Victim Apprentice”

31, Aug

By Katie Kieffer

Congratulations to Univision’s Jorge Ramos on winning Victim Apprentice! You succeeded in pouting and shouting your way to the spotlight.

Victim Apprentice is a real reality show hosted by Donald Trump—without Trump realizing he’s hosting it. Contestants are C-level celebrities who crave attention but lack talent. Desperate for a career boost, they metaphorically throw themselves in front of Trump’s car as he cruises down the highway—forcing him to slam on the breaks and bump into them. Continue reading

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Why Orthodox Jewish Women are Happy

19, Jan

By Katie Kieffer

Orthodox Jewish women and conservative Muslim women both follow modesty rules, but Orthodox Jewish women are devout without abandoning their individuality and civil liberties.

26-year-old Hayat Boumedienneis the suspected accomplice in last week’s 3-day terror attack in Paris, France. Her common law husband, Amedy Coulibaly, murdered four Jews and a policewoman in a kosher Paris market. Continue reading

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We Could Be Heroes, Me & You

12, Jan

By Katie Kieffer

12 Charlie Hebdo staffers who died for free speech and 25 Republicans who voted against U.S. Speaker John Boehner are heroes. We too could be heroes, me and you.

“We could be heroes, me and you,” are lyrics from Heroes (We Could Be)—a 2014 number one hit single by Swedish DJ Allesso, featuring singer Tove Lo. The lyrics reverberate with new meaning after the January 7 terror attack on the French weekly satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Continue reading

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Get Thee To A Nunnery, Biden

29, Sep

By Katie Kieffer

To a nunnery, go, and quickly too. Farewell, Joe Biden.

Our Democratic Vice President is a self-proclaimed Catholic. Yet unlike former President John F. Kennedy, also a Catholic Democrat, Joseph R. Biden consistently exploits his political power to control his church. JFK respected the separation of church and state. JRB embraces blurred lines. Continue reading

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