Artists Katie Admires:

  • Amie Kieffer: Katie’s bestie and sister Amie is a painter; photographer; and the CEO of AK Artistic Productions. Amie contributes cartoons to this website and also has photographed her sister at many book signings and speeches. Follow Amie on Instagram: @amie_kieffer
  • Audra Otto: Katie’s kindred spirit Audra is an incredibly talented artist and horticulture expert. Audra’s photos of Katie are featured on Katie’s site. Find Audra on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/audra-otto/2a/908/954
  • Judd Weiss: Photographer and entrepreneur. Judd has captured Katie speaking live, including in the black and white photo featured on her home page. Find Judd at HustleBear.com
  • Austen Petersen: Entrepreneur and one of Katie’s favorite photographers. Follow Austen on Twitter: @the_producer14

In addition to the major TV and radio shows listed in her bio, Katie has appeared on:

  • Wall Street Journal.com Opinion with Mary Kissell
  • Sun News Network (Toronto, Canada)
  • Current TV
  • The Dave Boze Show
  • RARE.us
  • Relevant Radio
  • CBS Radio – Mornings with Ray Dunaway
  • NRA TV – Cam & Co
  • Firearms Radio – This Week in Guns
  • The Sam Sorbo Show
  • The Wells Report with Jon-David Wells
  • The David Webb Show
  • The Mike Siegel Show
  • American Family Radio – Today’s Issues
  • The Greg Krino Program
  • The Jim Bohannon Show
  • The Financial Survival Network
  • The Dr. Alvin Show
  • Morning Show with Sean & Frank, WCBM AM 680
  • WKRC-AM, Clear Channel Cincinnati, Brian Thomas Show
  • NewsTalk990 – Fridays with Stefano and Daniels
  • Car Concerns Radio USA
  • The John Gibson Show
  • On the Way with Ridgeway
  • Boston Herald Radio – Trending Now
  • The Bill Cunningham Show
  • The Lars Larson Show
  • World Net Daily
  • The Libertarian Republic
  • Daily Caller podcast with Matt Lewis
  • The Sue Jeffers Show on Twin Cities News Talk
  • The Closer hosted by Brad Carlson on Northern Alliance Radio Network
  • AM 1040 WHO Radio with host Jeff Angelo
  • The Mitch Berg Show, AM 1280 The Patriot

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