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A Searing Indictment of the Master of Charm, Barack Obama, for Historic War on American Youth

Let Me Be Clear.” It was his come-hither call; his winsome whistle; his lingual lure. Barack Obama employed this catchphrase to sell his lies as maxims and his ineptitude as expertise. From JFK to Bill Clinton, America has experienced charming and coy presidents. But the most charming and coy is Obama, who seduced a generation of 95 million Americans for his own political gain. Katie Kieffer is a gutsy commentator who gives it back to Barack. She turns his words against him. In LET ME BE CLEAR, Kieffer offers an unflinching yet entertaining account of the Obama administration’s exploitation of American youth:

  • How : Obama spearheaded the Great Recovery—and young people could tell when their law degrees landed them jobs as baristas.
  • How : Barack’s buddy essentially wrote Obamacare without Congress. Plus, nearly 300 doctors offer free-market solutions to improve healthcare.
  • What : the “New Shacking Up” entails. (Hint: parents AND young people hate this trend.)
  • How : a constitutional law-professor president failed to rationally discuss gay marriage.
  • Why : Barack wouldn’t have been the best father for Trayvon Martin; he deserved better.
  • What : “Assuming We Don’t Die Tonight” reveals the bloodcurdling story of Benghazi.
  • How: Lies about guns “tattoo” all our youths as criminals. Kieffer implodes the Left’s naïve War on Guns and presents solutions for mass violence—with more love and more guns.

Inspiring hope, Kieffer outlines how conservatives and independents can win electoral races and achieve entrepreneurial dreams—while Barack and Hillary spin their wheels. Kieffer’s got grit. She’s being very clear with her president: she brings smooth-tongued bullies to justice. Click here to get a glimpse inside Katie’s book, including her letter to Obama. ABOUT KATIE: Katie Kieffer has a background in journalism and business. She’s been featured on HBO, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network.

Let Me Be Clear by Katie Kieffer



“Katie has the heart and gift of authenticity. Read her book and you’ll see why.” – Arnie C. via e-mail

“Katie, as a Millennial + disappointed past campaign volunteer for Barack Obama, I am stoked to read #letmebeclear. Next book buy :)” – Daniel W. via Twitter

“I just bought your book. Can’t put it down! You are such an inspiration!” – Raychel via Twitter

“I have been unable to read your book because my wife has not put it down since I brought it home.” – Richard T. via email

“Katie, just read your book and thought it was fantastic! You go girl!!!!” – Randy via Twitter

“Your very well-researched chapter on the real estate boom and bust [Ch. 6: “The New Shacking Up”] was the best summary of that period I have read, and I think that you made it very understandable to anybody who would read it.– Tom B. via email

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Let Me Be Clear by Katie Kieffer